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n: A run of mutations in a tumor genome that don’t offer any particular survival advantage.

Every incapacitated patient needs someone to help make medical decisions on their behalf. But some lack any friends or family members who could help.

When a company in the electronic health records industry interferes with its clients’ ability to access, exchange or use the data the company stores.

Advocates rally around a new standard for cancer drug pricing. But will it have the desired effect?

A new organizational approach views medical errors in a whole new light.

A new approach to in-home care turns to EMS providers.

An impending helium shortage could greatly raise the price of helium, an element used to chill MRI scanners.

One group of patients, also known as frequent fliers, account for a disproportionate share of health care spending: super-utilizers.

The American College of Physicians’ new ethical guidelines has its members separating prudent cost controls from ones that may adversely affect patient care.

Could living cleaner actually make us sicker?