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New research looks into young people’s anxiety around environmental collapse.

More research into coordination disorders shows why some children are more prone to trip, fumble and spill the milk.

Puzzling through the cholera antibody response may help slow a disease that affects millions of people every year.

They represent a small minority of victims. But their illness could hold valuable lessons about how COVID-19 works—and how to stop it.

They are dying at alarming rates in the United States. Treating mental illness, an often overlooked cause, could save many lives.

A pristine record of toxic exposures and psychological trauma rests in a child’s mouth—if only it can be decoded.

For young people with chronic illnesses, the transition into adult care can be uncharted—and dangerous—territory.

A father tries to connect with his newborn son in the NICU.

Women are significant contributors to research, but their careers are often cut short when they have children. What can be done to remedy this gender disparity?

When a baby is born and its sex is ambiguous, what should happen next?