Can new approaches—a male contraceptive or a gel that stops disease as well as pregnancy—work better?

It seems as if salt should lead to weight loss, not weight gain. But a more complex metabolic picture is coming into focus.

Researchers are looking into a simple, promising way to boost the immune system. But the price is steep.

It’s serious research disguised as diet fad: the notion that special tissue—which not everyone has—can help burn off pounds.

Who will be the first to tap the potential of brown fat?

Out of favor for decades, testosterone replacement therapy is back–and so is the debate about a possible link to prostate cancer.

Statins’ ability to control cholesterol is undeniable. Less certain, after almost 25 years, is whether benefits outweigh potential harm.

Hormone therapy after menopause may prevent heart attacks and caner—or cause them. New research could show who benefits.

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For decades, a tiny encampment of researchers has held that statin treatment is a hoax. In a time when contrarian views roar to life on social media, how can medicine keep minority opinions from doing irreparable harm?

Two years in deep space will subject the body to unprecedented stresses. Scientists are probing the secrets to survival.

A freak explosion tore through the quiet Nova Scotian city, prompting one of the most dramatic medical responses in history.