Researchers debate the link between marijuana and mental illness.

Who should shoulder the cost of training new residents?

Readers weigh in on the promises of artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis and the shortcomings of end of life care in the U.S.

Readers weigh in on more efficient methods of coding medical conditions and current debates in hormone therapy.

Attitudes towards hormone therapy have shifted toward a more nuanced approach.

Physicians routinely prescribe drugs for uses not approved by the FDA. But should drug reps be allowed to tout those uses?

New avian flu work has sparked debate among researchers and security experts.

Deep in Central Russia and down in Atlanta are the two remaining stocks of the eradicated virus that’s killed millions—should they be destroyed?

A federal court recently ruled that they couldn’t, whereas supporters and critics continue to debate whether patents foster or hinder innovation.

Pharmacists propose a third category of drugs—“behind the counter”—which they, not doctors, would prescribe.

First, a predicted glut; now, an apparent shortage. Getting physician supply to match demand is hard; getting it wrong could be devastating.

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For decades, a tiny encampment of researchers has held that statin treatment is a hoax. In a time when contrarian views roar to life on social media, how can medicine keep minority opinions from doing irreparable harm?

Two years in deep space will subject the body to unprecedented stresses. Scientists are probing the secrets to survival.

A freak explosion tore through the quiet Nova Scotian city, prompting one of the most dramatic medical responses in history.