Meera Lee Sethi

To treat her young patients, Nadine Burke uses research on how adverse childhood experiences affect health.

Though routinely discarded, the placenta has a rich story to tell, full of information about fetal development and future health.

From mishandled stolen shipments to repackaged fakes to scammers diluting medications, there are multiple ways phony pharmaceuticals get in the supply chain.

There’s an exceptionally long list of possible causes of multiple sclerosis, and growing evidence that almost all may play a role.

Thousands of step-by-step decision aids stand ready to assist in diagnosis and treatment. But most physicians don’t use them.

Deciding to keep her medical condition a secret from her parents becomes a declaration of independence for one woman.

Not just pop science, handwriting analysis can be a telling diagnostic tool, revealing signs of bipolar disease, Parkinson’s and other disorders.

At Singapore’s gleaming Biopolis complex, researchers get all the money and lab support they need. What they don’t get is time.