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Research increasingly shows that preconceptions around gender and race can cloud clinical thinking.

Some diagnoses cause damage to health. The issue is increasingly of interest to physicians.

The route to a diagnosis is straightforward in modern medicine, right? It’s anything but, according to Bedside Rounds host Adam Rodman.

For a century, carefully selected MGH patient histories have illuminated the art of medicine.

Medical research labs have faced a difficult stretch of closed buildings and competing priorities. Yet they have also produced milestone discoveries—and not only on COVID-19.

Two milestone discoveries in protein modeling promise to change the fundamentals of drug discovery.

In the shadow of coronavirus vaccine development, another vaccine was making solid progress.

A novel use of bacteria could blunt the spread of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Puzzling through the cholera antibody response may help slow a disease that affects millions of people every year.

The fledgling field of chronotherapy—timing drugs to a patient’s circadian rhythms—may yet come to the aid of those at risk from the virus.