Proto Staff

Medical research labs have faced a difficult stretch of closed buildings and competing priorities. Yet they have also produced milestone discoveries—and not only on COVID-19.

Two milestone discoveries in protein modeling promise to change the fundamentals of drug discovery.

In the shadow of coronavirus vaccine development, another vaccine was making solid progress.

A novel use of bacteria could blunt the spread of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Puzzling through the cholera antibody response may help slow a disease that affects millions of people every year.

The fledgling field of chronotherapy—timing drugs to a patient’s circadian rhythms—may yet come to the aid of those at risk from the virus.

The idea of having computers design new therapies has slowly been gaining ground. In the COVID-19 crisis, it may have found its moment.

The ascendance of virtual and distanced care has taken place with extraordinary speed. Lee Schwamm discusses which innovations are likely to stick and some bumps in the road ahead.

COVID-19 cases are again on the rise. MGH incident commander Ann Prestipino reflects on the road traveled so far and which next steps are critical.

A crisis in testing logistics leads to a breakthrough device.