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By studying elite controllers—people who are able to arrest the progress of HIV without medication—researchers have found a promising new path.

More than a hundred COVID-19 vaccines are in development, and many use new technologies never tried on a grand scale. Here’s how each is supposed to work.

They represent a small minority of victims. But their illness could hold valuable lessons about how COVID-19 works—and how to stop it.

With tests in short supply, some hospitals are creating homegrown versions in their own labs. The pandemic may prove how essential such efforts are.

At least 10% of cancers are probably caused by a viral infection. But researchers struggle to replicate the success they have had with cervical cancer.

Genomic analysis details how SARS-CoV-2 spread through Boston.

Martin Hirsch explores the role of a tenacious virus and the role of “fake news” in the great epidemic of 1918.

A century after the worst plague in history, researchers seek a universal flu vaccine to head off a repeat of the disaster.

The 50-year crusade to prove the link between viruses and cancer