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Miniature versions of organs help scientists understand disease and fine-tune treatments in ways that work in mice can’t match.

Ten years ago, researchers coaxed normal adult cells into stem cells for the first time

The potential to regenerate women’s eggs is the latest breakthrough in reproductive research. But there are risks to perturbing nature.

Once considered mere substitutes for embryonic cells, re-engineered adult cells are making breakthroughs of their own.

A unique shape could hold the key to repairing heart tissue.

Disgraced stem-cell scientist Woo Suk Hwang has become exhibit A in the case for tightening scrutiny of apparent medical advances.

Debora Spar of the Harvard Business School argues that new medical technology can’t go unregulated forever.

In an interview pre-scandal, stem cell researcher Woo Suk Hwang explains his methods and motivation.