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Troves of data are gathered during clinical trials, but most of it stays locked away. Could freeing it lead to new cures?

The trend of publishing research on the Web is raising concerns about how medical advances are judged and disseminated.

Douglas Farrago’s bimonthly collection of top-ten lists, editorials and “True Stories of Medicine” provides a sharp satire of the health care system.

A movement to ban uncredited contributors is growing among medical journals.

Medicina Curiosa, the first English-language medical journal, mixed the technical with the practical.

With their online Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine, editors Christian Pfeffer and Bjorn R. Olsen are encouraging physicians to re-evaluate clinical practices based on negative data.

Disgraced stem-cell scientist Woo Suk Hwang has become exhibit A in the case for tightening scrutiny of apparent medical advances.