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Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act crosses the 20-year mark.

Telehealth programs are changing how people get better—and sometimes the way they die.

Every incapacitated patient needs someone to help make medical decisions on their behalf. But some lack any friends or family members who could help.

The first issue of Proto looked at comfort care for those with grave illnesses. The field of palliative care has since grown by leaps and bounds.

The Oscar-nominated film puts Alzheimer’s front and center. An MGH social worker talks about the disease behind the story.

Dementia care has an end-of-life problem. The author explores the system’s shortfalls through her mother’s last days.

As a daughter discovers, her mother’s personality seems to drift, but she still can appreciate the important things: a wonderful sentence, the snow as it falls outside her bedroom window.

As more of us choose a different way to die, a philosophy has become an industry, raising questions about access, quality—and profits.