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n: A run of mutations in a tumor genome that don’t offer any particular survival advantage.

The drug-resistant Candida auris has taken up residence in U.S. hospitals. What will it take to fight back?

Receptors that can smell and taste exist throughout the body. Can they be allies in learning to fight disease?

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss the promise of CAR T cell therapy for solid tumors.

One way to get drugs through the blood-brain barrier: smuggle them across using sound waves.

Chronic itch is agony, but new treatments that target the neural pathways responsible could finally offer some relief.

People with drug addictions produce more of a certain brain chemical—and research may point to new ways to block it.

The concept of circuitry, borrowed from computer technology, could make the next generation of gene therapies more flexible and powerful.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry brought cryo-electron microscopy to the front page. What is it and why is it changing drug discovery?

Males and females experience pain differently—and appear to process it differently, too. Why has it taken so long for science to find out?