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Experts comment on “The Trust Crisis” and call for rebuilding trust within health care.

Experts comment on “Confronting Bias in Journals” and call for more equity, diversity, and inclusivity in health care.

Experts comment on the need for more research funding and better diabetes technology.

Experts reflect on the state of eldercare and questions of genomic privacy.

Experts weigh in on the promise of curing blindness and hospital readiness after mass casualty events.

Experts comment on the risks of opioids and rising suicide rates.

Readers weigh in on the risks of data sharing and the promise of the OpenNotes program.

Readers weigh in on the importance of social activism amongst physicians and the various approaches to childhood transgenderism.

Readers weigh in on a national pain strategy and innovative new technologies that could help the blind see.

A Proto feature about changing screening protocols draws a vigorous response.