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Published On July 13, 2017


Podcast: The Minutes After

It's a matter of time before the next bombing, shooting or violent attack. How can emergency physicians save more lives?

When an act of mass violence breaks out, it dominates the headlines. But little attention is paid to the moments that happen immediately afterwards, when the victims arrive at the door of the emergency room.

In this episode, Alasdair Conn, chief emeritus of emergency services at Massachusetts General Hospital, co-hosts a look at promising ways that physicians are trying to save more lives in the minutes after. He interviews Lenworth Jacobs, chief academic officer at the Hartford Hospital, about the Hartford Consensus—a program from the American College of Surgeons that trains law enforcement officers, first-responders and civilians how to control bleeding in emergency situations.

And the podcast speaks with Ronald Stewart, who chairs a trauma committee within the American College of Surgeons. Stewart has been developing firearm violence prevention programs for the past 30 years, and looks at how physicians can come together on this complex issue—regardless of their political viewpoints.

Listen here, or subscribe to the Proto podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

The Minutes After





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